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Terms & conditions

1. The decision of the Core Committee for any kind of situation will be final and acceptable.
2. Decisions taken in the interest from time to time will be acceptable to make the company run for a longer time and provide more profit to the distributor.
3. For any kind of dispute, the court area will be Jabalpur.
4. A. The company sells various products directly, in case the company benefits, the distributors will be given the benefits shown in the company's plan. B. The ID will expire after 10 months. To keep it active, the product will have to be taken again from Rs. 1650/- or 3 IDs of Rs. 550/-
5. Complaints related to products purchased from the company to the company operator will be valid only within 15 days from the date of purchase.
6. In case of complaint related to the products purchased from the company within the time limit, the company can only change the product and in any case the amount of the products purchased will not be refunded.
7. On purchasing the product from the company, after properly understanding and reading the terms and conditions of the company given on the company's website or the company's application / declaration form, it is necessary to sign the scanned copy in your profile by signing self Must be attached inside. If the application / declaration is not attached in 05 days the profile, the sponsor will be responsible for the amount of products purchased.